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Wired ( är en amerikansk datatidning med fokus på Internet. Tidningen Wired ägs av det amerikanska förlaget Condé Nast. Webbplatsen Wired News ( drivs av Internetbolaget Terra Lycos.

Rubriker från [Wired Top Stories]

  • Twitter-Yahoo Mashup Yields Impressive News Search Engine- One of Yahoos software engineers creates a quick hack matching real-time updates from Twitter with mainstream news sources. The result is a new kind of hybrid news aggregation service, where traditional news reporting is presented alongside the Twitterverses rapid-fire "OMG!" reactions.
  • IRS Has No Love for Plug-In Conversions. It Should- It is past time for the government to give tax breaks to people who convert their cars to alternative fuels or plug-in hybrids. Tax breaks subsidized SUVs, and they should subsidize greener alternatives.
  • Clever Critters: 8 Best Nonhuman Tool Users- Chimpanzees with clubs, dolphins with sponges and birds with rocks are among the most intriguing tool users outside of humans. Here are some of the best, most amazing and funniest examples of animal tool use.
  • 5 Ways the Cellphone Will Change How You Listen to Music- The portable music revolution is still young, but it may already be on the cusp of the another paradigm shift: Thanks to smartphones, its becoming viable to leave your MP3 player at home and tune into the cloud.
  • HPs Business Netbook Dazzles With Dullness- Think netbooks arent serious business machines? Think again. HPs 2140 Mini is meant to kick ass at spreadsheets and costs less than $500.
  • Birds, Humans Increasingly on Collision Course- Human and bird populations are growing and collisions, like the one that apparently took down a US Airways jet, are more likely. With more plane flights, the number of bird strikes has tripled since 1990.
  • Despite RIAA Loss, File Sharers Face Hefty Fines- A federal judge denies a Recording Industry Association of America request to compel a peer-to-peer admin convicted of copyright infringement to pay restitution.
  • Circuit City is Out of Business: 567 U.S. Stores To Shutter- Circuit City Stores Inc., the nations second-biggest consumer electronics retailer, reached an agreement with liquidators on Friday to sell the merchandise in its 567 U.S. stores after failing to find a buyer or a refinancing deal. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in November as vendors started to restrict the flow of merchandise ahead of the busy holiday shopping season
  • Blogging General Reaches Out to Troops, Blows Off Security Fears- While most of the Army is still wringing its hands trying to figure out what to do about blogs and other social media, the two-star general overseeing 19,000 U.S. soldiers scattered across 17,000 square miles of southern and central Iraq has decided to start blogging himself and holding online chats with his troops.
  • Strong Women Steer <cite>Battlestar Galactica</cite>s Final Voyage- In her autobiography Wishful Drinking, Carrie Fisher recalls her most memorable direction from George Lucas while playing Princess Leia in Star Wars: Forget about wearing a bra because "theres no underwear in outer space." The women of sci-fi have come a long way since then, and for proof, look no further than Battlestar Galactica.
  • StatGeist: Charting the Wired World- .statImgRfloat:right;margin:0px 0px 33px;border:0px; .statImgLdisplay:block;clear:both;margin:0px 0px 33px 200px;border:0px;
  • Small-Hauler Subaru Packs Cargo, Pulls Through Snow- This hiking boot of the crossover class holds a lot and will haul you through foul weather or rough country. But dont look for luxury, quiet or great mileage.
  • Jan. 16, 1969: A Rendezvous, and a Rough Ride Home- 1969: Two Soviet spacecraft rendezvous in orbit and transfer cosmonauts, marking the first time spacefarers go up in one craft and return to Earth in another. Soyuz 4 lifted off from Baikonur Cosmodrome on Jan. 14 with Commander Vladimir Shatalov flying solo. Soyuz 5 followed a day later, carrying three cosmonauts: Boris Volynov, Aleksei Yaliseyev and Eugeni Khrunov. The mission, with the docking and transfer as its centerpiece, was undertaken as part of the experimental run-up to a Soviet lunar mission, which never came off, and as a dress rehearsal for the establishment of a permanent space station, which did. Soyuz 4 was the active vehicle in the docking maneuver, which went off without a hitch. After conducting various scientific experiments, running tests of both vehicles on-board systems, and evaluating the docking procedure, Yaliseyev and Khrunov donned their space suits, bid Comrade Pilot Volynov a hearty farewell and joined Shatalov in Soyuz 4. They would be very glad they did.The vehicles separated on Jan. 17, and Soyuz 4 enjoyed an uneventful return to Earth after making 48 orbits of our watery blue sphere. Volynov remained in orbit for another day and headed home on the 18th after notching 49 go-rounds.To say that Volynov experienced one of the roughest re-entries in the history of space flight (at least by anyone who lived to tell the tale) is to say the least. Soyuz 5s service module failed to detach at retrofire, causing the vehicle to assume an aerodynamic position that left the heat shield pointed the wrong way as it re-entered the atmosphere. The only thing standing between Volynov and a fiery death was the command modules thin hatch cover.The interior of Volynovs capsule filled with noxious fumes as the gaskets sealing the hatch started to burn, and it got very hot in there (which, a short time later was something he probably missed). Luckily for the cosmonaut, the stress and heat being generated outside the spacecraft caused the connecting struts on the service module to finally give way. When they did, Volynovs module, now freed, immediately corrected its position so that the heat shield faced in the right direction. But wait. Theres more. In the chaos of re-entry, some of Soyuz 5s parachute cables fouled, resulting in only a partial chute deployment. Just to ice the cake a bit, the soft-landing rockets failed, too, so Volynov was very aware of impact when his hardy Soyuz module plowed into the earth. It hit the ground so hard, in fact, that Volynov broke his teeth. But wait. Theres more.Given that the entire re-entry-and-landing process was pretty well botched, its perhaps unsurprising that Volynov came down well short of the intended landing area. In fact, he landed in the Ural Mountains, where he was greeted by a local temperature measuring a brisk minus 36 degrees Fahrenheit With rescue several hours away at best, our intrepid cosmonaut decided to hoof it for safety. He plodded a few kilometers before finding a cheery fire and a brimming samovar in the cottage of a welcoming peasant. But wait. Theres still more.Youd think that after all this, the guy might be tempted to call it a career. But no, not our Volynov. He returned to space seven years later as commander of Soyuz 21 and spent 18 days aboard the Salyut space station.Source: Various
  • Blockbusters Movie-Streaming Device Is a Bit Of a Bust- Blockbuster thinks it can take on streaming content with its own version of a set-top box. Turns out both the service and the hardware are a critically flawed.
  • Automakers Sing the Body Electric- Until now, electric cars were always part of the auto industrys post-petroleum plans, but only as one of many technologies they said would lead us to a greener, cleaner future. No more: Now, all bets are on batteries.
  • Intel Q4 Profit Plummets 90 Percent, Meets Lowered Forecasts- Despite Intels fourth-quarter profit plunge of 90 percent due to lowered microprocessor demand amid slumping PC sales, it still managed to meet Wall Streets subdued expectations Thursday.
  • Obama to Defend Telco Spy Immunity- Attorney General-nominee Eric Holder says the incoming Obama administration will vigorously defend the law that protects the nations telecommunications companies from lawsuits accusing them of participating in the Bush administrations warrantless electronic-surveillance program.
  • Jet Hits Birds, Crash-Lands in Hudson River- A US Airways passenger jet is forced down near Manhattan after hitting a flock of birds on takeoff from LaGuardia Airport. Passengers flee the sinking jet as boats come to the rescue.
  • Life Hunters Target Methane Plumes on Mars- Plumes of methane have been found seasonally emanating from the surface of Mars, providing new targets for the extraterrestrial life hunters.
  • Secret Micro-Satellite Mission Feeds Space War Worries- An American missile-warning satellite dies, more than 22,000 miles up. The United States is sending a pair of mini-spacecraft on a top secret mission to investigate and thats cause for concern: The same technologies used to investigate a friendly, out-of-service satellite can also be used to help take out an enemy orbiter.
  • Team Steam Chugs Toward 170 mph- Its all systems go as the British Steam Car team makes its first test runs under full power.
  • A New Weapon in the War Against Drug-Tolerant Bacteria- By mapping out how bacteria manage to go dormant, which hides them from drugs, scientists have discovered a protein that keeps the bacteria awake, leaving them vulnerable to drugs.
  • The Train in Spain Replaces the Plane- Passenger counts aboard domestic flights have fallen 20 percent as the number of high-speed lines has grown, and experts say the trend will accelerate as Spains system grows.
  • Juiced-Up Script Changed Bales Mind About Terminator Salvation- The Dark Knight star initially wanted no part of the upcoming killer-cyborg sequel, but a rewrite convinced the actor to play the role of John Connor.
  • Moon Rock Reveals Hot Molten Core- A moon rock has evidence of a magnetic field that was likely generated long ago by a hot dynamo core. The rock, hand-selected by a geologist astronaut is a rare specimen that survived millions of years of heavy asteroid bombardment unscathed.
  • High Court OKs Illegal Searches Based on Computer Errors- The Supreme Court says evidence seized during illegal searches may be used if the search was made as the result of an innocent mistake -- in this instance outdated information in a police database.
  • Win Cool Flight of the Conchords Swag- Tell us why youre the Kiwi comedy rockers second-biggest fan, and you could snag a prize package faster than you can say "Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros."
  • Child Porn Laws Used Against Kids Who Photograph Themselves- Civil-liberties advocates and child-protection groups warn that law enforcement authorities are misusing laws against child porn, by targeting the very people the laws are supposed to protect.
  • Handheld Ultrasound is First Aid for Combat Medics- A tiny yet powerful ultrasound might see use on the battlefield to cauterize wounds. The same technique of focusing powerful sound waves could also be used in peaceful settings to target cancerous tumors.
  • Online Burger Promotion Pulled After Going Too Viral- An online promotion for a free Carls Jr. hamburger spread faster than a Paris Hilton homemade porno flick, forcing the fast-food chain to discontinue it.


  • 16 dec 2002 (17:40), ,Its time for thousands of visitors to the United States to register with the government or face deportation. Males from countries deemed a terrorist threat by federal authorities are bound by new rules. By Ryan Singel.
  • 16 dec 2002 (12:40), ,In the latest iteration of the Nigerian e-mail swindle, scammers pose as buyers interested in big-ticket items for sale on the Net. Thanks to a little-known U.S. banking loophole, theyre bilking Americans out of thousands. By Michelle Delio.
  • 16 dec 2002 (12:40), ,Its time for thousands of visitors to the United States to register with the government or face deportation. Males from countries deemed a terrorist threat by federal authorities are bound by new rules. By Ryan Seigel.
  • 16 dec 2002 (12:40), ,Playboy subscribers forked out $300 million for video games in 2001. Now the adult-entertainment empire Hugh Hefner started in 1953 will launch a sim game that lets any joystick-wielding Joe don Hefs silk pajamas. By John Gartner.
  • 16 dec 2002 (12:40), ,The Internet is teeming with creative people who arent famous or rich. A new set of licenses from Creative Commons will allow copyright holders to share their work according to conditions they specify -- and boost their profiles. By Kendra Mayfield.
  • 16 dec 2002 (12:40), ,Governments and other powers that be shouldnt try to control the flow of information on the Web. Thats just so 15th century. A commentary by Lauren Weinstein.
  • 15 dec 2002, , Lustigkurrar på nätet har besvarat mannen bakom amerikanska regeringens kontroversiella Total Information Awareness-projekt med samma vapen. De har lagt in hans personliga uppgifter på hundratals sajter - av Paul Boutin.
  • 15 dec 2002, , Amerikanska butikskedjor som säljer skivor, filmer och böcker, som en gång fruktade att renodlade nätbutiker skulle konkurrera ut dem, klarar sig mycket bra i årets julhandel - av Brad King.
  • 15 dec 2002, , En utställning med samma japanska manga-serier i verk av olika konstnärer avslutar sin världsturné i San Francisco. Den storögda huvudfiguren kommer att "avslutas" efter utställningen - av Kendra Mayfield.
  • 15 dec 2002, , Ännu inget domslut i rättegången mot ryska programvaruutvecklaren ElcomSoft rörande brott mot Digital Millennium Copyright Act. I stället har nämndemännen begärt ett exemplar av lagtexten - alla 100 sidor - av Joanna Glasner.


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