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The Register ( är en brittisk webbplats med nyheter och kommentarer om Internet och datorer och sådant som hör dit.

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  • Symantec boss on US Commerce Secretary shortlist- Even money shot Symantec boss John Thompson is on a two-person shortlist to fill the role of the next US Commerce Secretary, the final unfilled vacancy in President-elect Barack Obamas cabinet.â ¦Free Download - The Reg Guide to Storage and Storage Platforms
  • Silverlight to follow Obama into US presidency- Change you can watch Barack Obamas inauguration as US president next week will be broadcast online using Microsofts Silverlight browser-based media player.â ¦
  • EU says Microsoft violated law with IE on Windows- US anti-trust ruling no good here Microsoft has violated European competition law by including Internet Explorer with Windows, according to the European Commission.â ¦
  • Infineon unleashes 4G chip- Chalk one up for LTE German chipmaker Infineon Technologies is sampling a new multi-standard transceiver chip sure to heat up the ongoing 4G contest between LTE and WiMAX.â ¦
  • Internet to Obama: Pass the joint- Online suggestion box goes to pot President-elect Barack Obama has promised change. And theres one change that internet-happy Americans want more than another other. In an age of crippling recession, skyrocketing unemployment, and a looming threat environmental armageddon, their primary request is this: Pass the joint, yoâ ¦
  • Ballmers big regret at 10: losing the interwebs- Wrong patience, lost talent Steve Ballmers biggest regret of the past ten years? Impatience.â ¦
  • Superworm seizes 9m PCs, stunned researchers say- Downadup goes up and up Downadup, the superworm that attacks a patched vulnerability in Microsoft Windows, is making exponential gains if estimates from researchers at F-Secure are accurate. They show 6.5 million new infections in the past four days, bringing the total number of machines it has compromised to almost 9 million.â ¦
  • iPhone App Store breezes past 500 million downloads- iFlatulence boost Apples website today trumpets that "There are more than 15,000 apps on the App Store, and so far iPhone users have downloaded an incredible 500 million, in every category from games to business."â ¦
  • US stimulus bill smiles on IT- Big Blue cries heard The beleaguered IT industry is salivating as the US Congress has taken one more step towards putting a massive stimulus package together that will, among other things, put tens of billions of dollars of borrowed money into the industrys coffers.â ¦
  • New York emergency wireless scrapped- State cancels billion-dollar contract New York state has scrapped plans for a statewide emergency network on the (not unreasonable) grounds that the contractor cant make the thing work as promised.â ¦
  • Miracle plane crash was no miracle- Should we feed the geese? Comment Yesterday afternoon, just as I was walking to pick up my kids from school in Northern Manhattan, if I had looked up just about the time I was entering the building, I would have seen an A320 jet flying US Airways colors. I would have seen it approaching the George Washington Bridge a little bit too low, perhaps with some smoke billowing out of one or two of its engines, perhaps smelling of cooked goose.â ¦
  • AMD to axe 1,100 (more) jobs- Temporary wage reductions AMD plans to slash its workforce by 9 per cent beginning next month, while temporarily reducing wages from its CEO down to hourly workers.â ¦
  • Demon ends porn-less Internet Archive block- Be, Virgin - collateral damage British ISP Demon Internet is no longer blocking access to the Internet Archives Wayback Machine, after working in tandem with the IA to correct a "technical issue" with its child-pornography filter.â ¦
  • Meltdown melts down Intel launch plans- More bad news from Chipzilla Asian motherboard makers say Intel will postpone the launch of its next mainstream quad-core processor line, code-named Lynnfield, according to DigiTimes.â ¦
  • Boy George jailed for 15 months over bizarre false imprisonment- Lewd laptop pic rage Boy George was jailed for 15 months on Friday following his conviction for falsely imprisoning a male escort in his flat.â ¦
  • Fisker shows Karma Sunset in Detroit- Electric car firms Waterloo? Leccy Tech Fisker used the Detroit Motor Show to unveil the final production version of its Karma electric saloon and tantalise assembled onlookers with the first showing of the convertible Karma S â the S standing for Sunset.â ¦
  • Fantasy author hired to pen <em>Doom 4</em> plot- Kill monsters, find keys, open doors, and..? The author of a number of well-known fantasy/horror novels has been signed up to help pen the plot for Doom 4.â ¦
  • Circuit City goes titsup- Seeks court approval to liquidate assets The bankrupt US retail giant Circuit City will be fully liquidated after the company failed to find a buyer in time.â ¦
  • So when did the knives come out at Seagate?- To lose one C-level exec may be regarded as a misfortune... Comment To lose two CxO-level officers in one day is exceptional, even by Seagate standards. Last weeks axing of CEO Bill Watkins and the resignation of COO David Wickersham resembled a day of the long knives in Scotts Valley. So how did it come to this?â ¦
  • HP targets compulsory redundancies at EDS UK- You wouldnt jump, so get ready for the push HP will start compulsory redundancies at subsidiary EDS in the UK after failing to find enough volunteers willing to give up their jobs.â ¦
  • EU borders database defenestrated in Prague?- The deSchengening An upgrade to the database that allows members of the EUs open borders agreenent to exchange security information could soon be scrapped, even though â ¬28m has already been spent on the project.â ¦
  • Second Android handset delayed indefinitely- Agora shelved due to weedy screen The Kogan Agora, touted as the second Android handset and scheduled for an Australian launch in ten days, has been delayed indefinitely thanks to a low-resolution screen that prevents many Android applications working properly.â ¦
  • Apple joins campaign for real breasts- Cartoon drawings offensive - real flesh OK Updated In a marvellous display of double standards, Apple has approved "Wobble" for sale in the iTunes store, allowing users to animate photographs of real breasts, while still rejecting the cartoon breasts of "iBoobs" as objectionable content.â ¦
  • Who reads The Register?- Tell us about yourself Strategy Boutique Survey Those of you who are weary of the tapping of the IT barometer as our survey department strives to gauge the current air pressure of the IT world will be delighted to learn this Reg survey is a bit different - its all about you, our dear, beloved readers.â ¦Free Download - The Reg Guide to Storage and Storage Platforms
  • DARPA seeks spraycan wound-polyfilla* for injured troops- My arm! Hey, this one-handed design sure is a boon Those splendid brainboxes at DARPA* - who are to ordinary insane scientists in their dungeon laboratories as platinum-selling popsters are to teenage-saddo garage bands - have done it again. This time the wildside-walking wingnut warboffins are looking for a sort of medical equivalent of DIY spraycan sealant, which troops could use to patch up themselves or their buddies when wounded in combat.â ¦
  • Germany pushes IWF-style child abuse blocklist- What could possibly go wrong? The German government has proposed regulations that will oblige local ISPs to apply a government-mandated block list.â ¦
  • Storage vendor Overland on the ropes- Deepening recession forces staff and pay cuts Savaged by the deepening recession, beleaguered NAS, disk and tape protection vendor Overland Storage has fired 53 people and instituted a ten per cent pay cut for all remaining salaried staff.â ¦
  • Aussie air zealot savages prêt-à-porter stealth fighter- Pulse-bomb prophet fears Russian tech dominance Comment A colourful Australian IT engineer and airpower zealot has published a stinging attack on the F-35 stealth jet fighter, which is to be purchased by military forces worldwide including those of the US and UK.â ¦
  • to create anti-net piracy agency- Rights Agency and new regulations to hit P2P infringement Updated Following its failure to foster a voluntary solution between ISPs and rights holders, the government will create a new agency and regulations to clamp down on copyright infringement via peer-to-peer networks, its reported today.â ¦Free Download - The Reg Guide to Storage and Storage Platforms
  • Google G1 successor spied in video?- Fans anticipate G2 launch A video demonstration of a handset thought to be the G1 Googlephoneâs successor has been leaked online.â ¦
  • BSA: Turn in workmates, make <strike>fat dollar</strike> a few quid- Offers rewards for software piracy snitchers The Business Software Alliance is waving wads of cash in the faces of individuals willing to snitch on bosses and colleagues who use pirated software.â ¦
  • Toshiba NB100 netbook- Tosh takes netbooks seriously - too seriously... Review There are netbooks that have a curvy, kid-friendly look. Others are sleek and shiny - every one aimed at adults. Then there are blocky, serious looking ones, carved with no concession to consumer levity and fluff because the manufacturer reckons thats what businesspeople want.â ¦
  • McKinnons lawyers hope UK prosecution will derail extradition- Will change of administration mean change of venue? Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon has secured a potential lifeline in his long-running fight against extradition to the US on hacking charges.â ¦
  • Retired army generals: Spend Trident money on the army- Well, they would say that, wouldnt they Comment Three long-retired British army generals have written to the Times, expressing their opinion that the UK should not - as the government has said it will - renew the Trident nuclear weapons programme.â ¦
  • Seagate customers swamped by Barracuda drive failures- Seagate firmware to blame UPDATED Seagate 1TB Barracuda drives are failing at an alarming rate, with users complaining of a plague of such failures spreading across the globe. The company has offered a free firmware upgrade and free data recovery services if there is data loss due to the issue.â ¦
  • CPWs Dunstone admits dread over state of the economy- Prepare for the worst...It is going to be a war... Charles Dunstone, chief executive of Carphone Warehouse, has warned staff in an extraordinary internal email that the future is looking bleak for the firm unless it takes serious action to cut costs.â ¦
  • Online advertisers team up on privacy principles- Self-regulation to head off Phorm backlash Advertisers and agencies in the US have promised to create a code of practice to allay fears about increasingly intrusive forms of online advertising. Four major advertising trade associations said that they will work together on self-regulation.â ¦
  • AT&amp;T Idolises promotional texting- Spamming you say? How very dare you US operator AT&amp;T decided to let customers know about American Idol by sending a "significant number" of them a text message about it, without asking first.â ¦
  • Optical delusion: Plasmons ignominious end- AST snaps up the pieces A Colorado-based storage systems business, Alliance Storage Technologies, has bought the assets ashes of Plasmon Inc.â ¦
  • Nokia 6600 Slide 3G mobile phone- Smooth with a capital smooth Review While Nokia continues to trundle out heavyweight smartphones like the N96 and N85, itâs also taking care of business down-market with models like the 6600 Slide.â ¦
  • Sun touts ESX, Hyper-V virtualization on Galaxy boxes- Whatever happened to xVM? Sun Microsystems would undoubtedly have preferred that small and medium businesses would be buying its Sparc-based machines, Solaris, and their container or LDom virtualization technologies.â ¦
  • Child porn in the age of teenage sexting- Two cases show right, wrong way to prosecute Analysis An international child pornography ring that traded more than 400,000 illegal images and videos - some depicting pre-pubescent children in sexual and sadistic acts - is the kind of heinous behavior that makes you glad there are strict laws against such things. Seven US men were convicted of the crime on Wednesday.â ¦
  • Mac mini said to get Ion innards- Atoms Apple? Courtesy of Toms Hardware comes the "confirmation" from "an Nvidia partner" that the long-awaited Mac mini upgrade is coming as soon as March, but that it wont be powered by either an Intel Core 2 Duo or a low-power Core i7.â ¦Free Download - The Reg Guide to Storage and Storage Platforms
  • SAP pays Sun to keep Java on NetWeaver alive- Finally, a service Sun can monetize SAP is paying Sun Microsystems to keep alive early versions of its NetWeaver middleware running Java past its expiration date.â ¦
  • Start-up promises video-on-phone editing chip- Is that a Spielberg in your pocket... A startup chip designer has announced a low-power video processor it claims will allow video editing on your mobile phone, or "high- performance, in-phone video post-production in real time on power-conscious mobile devices."â ¦
  • Intel profits sink 90% in Q4- Offers vague outlook for Q1 2009 Investors had time to brace themselves for Intels atrocious fourth quarter earnings, since the chip maker warned of revenue drops twice in the past three months.â ¦
  • New Yahoo! CEOs former company cuts and restructures- Shes "exactly what Yahoo! needs" Oh, the irony. Autodesk has announced it will cut 10 per cent of its workforce and has lowered its fourth-quarter earnings forecast.â ¦
  • Judge OKs webcast in RIAA music file-sharing case- Rules music-industry objection "curious" A federal judge has agreed to allow streaming internet video coverage of a key hearing next week for the US recording industrys file-sharing $1m lawsuit against a Boston University graduate.â ¦
  • Apple moves to unify its OS and interface- Cleaner look-and-feel, more powerful mobiles Two recent reports indicate developments in Apples efforts to transform itself from a second-tier computer company into a top-level consumer-electronics powerhouse.â ¦
  • Web entrepreneur accused of massive data heist- 9,000 plus consumer reports lifted, suit says Consumer rating service Angies List has accused a web entrepreneur of plundering thousands of its records so he could start a rival company that offers a similar service.â ¦


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