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SourceForge är dels ett system ( för kollaborativ programutveckling, dels en webbplats ( som demonstrerar samma system i praktiken genom att gratis tillhandahålla resurser för utveckling av datorprogram med öppen källkod. Utvecklingssystemet distribueras kommersiellt av företaget VA Linux Systems, och webbplatsen underhålls av samma företag inom ramen för Open Source Development Network. Namnet SourceForge blir i svensk översättning "källkods-smedjan".

Programutvecklingssystemet erbjuder:

  • FTP-arkiv
  • Filarkiv och versionshantering med CVS
  • Bugghanteringssystem
  • Diskussionsgrupper

Webbplatsen stödjer tiotusentals utvecklingsprojekt, i vilka fler än 200.000 registrerade utvecklare/användare medverkar.

Ett besläktat företag är från [ Project News]

  • ROZK: 0.6.1 released- ZK is Ajax Java framework without JavaScript. With direct RIA, 200+ Ajax components and markup languages, developing Ajax/RIA as simple as desktop apps and HTML/XUL pages. Support JSF/JSP/JavaEE/Hibernate/.., and Ajax script in Java/Ruby/Groovy/Python/.. ROZK is an open source tool to build CRUD forms with jRuby and ZK with minimal codes, created by David Cheung. For more information on ROZK, visit: 0.6.1:
  • FreeCol: 0.8.0 Released- FreeCol is an open version of Colonization. It is a Civilization-like game in which the player has to conquer the new world. Version 0.8.0 of FreeCol, a turnbased strategy game, has now been released. The largest change introduced by this release is the ability to define gameplay mechanics using XML-files. You can easily change the rules you dont like or create a different game similar to FreeCol. Take a look at chapter 10 "Changing the Rules" in our manual if you would like to know more.Changes: - Allow the game to be customized using XML-files. - Units now slide between tiles while moving. - New terrain graphics. - Menu music added. - Sound effects for dragoons, artillery capturing a colony, building complete, church and blacksmith. - New sound effects for artillery and buying/selling goods. - Short music clips for Aztecs and fountain of Youth. - Named regions and nicer placement of native settlements. - New nations added: Portuguese, Swedish, Danish and Russian - Games with up to eight European players are now supported.A complete list of features and bug fixes for this release:
  • JCAM Engine: New Editor Release - version JCAM Engine with XML Editor / Validator: XML Processor & Template Editor. Java implement of OASIS CAM Standard of XML validation & assembly + visual Eclipse editor. Includes XSLT tools for ingesting XSD Schema, creating HTML docs, XSD subset, XML test case examples + dictionary(uses Saxon XSLT) A new version of the editor has been released, which now includes the correct Java Run-time Environment, to allow it to work.this does increase download time, but significantly reduces installation problems.This release also includes a Window OS installer.
  • XAware: 5.3 Stable Build- XAware Data Integration software provides real time data integration for SOA composite data services. Build data integration "views" across DBMS, SOAP, HTTP/REST, text, LDAP, FTP sources to read, write & transfer data. Eclipse designer & runtime engine Released January 13 - SVN build The XAware Designer 5.3 is now delivered with the following features: The Project Navigator now displays project using a logical view to show the BizView file hierarchy. Some additions to the service view wizard include updates to help and undo/redo features. Updates to the Salesforce BizComponent include the ability to support batches. A new feature allowing you to create a BizDocument from a WSDL has been started (work will continue on this feature in the next iteration). Current bug count: Open: 188Closed: 467Total: 655
  • SWIG: 1.3.37 released- SWIG is a software development tool that reads C/C++ header files and generates wrapper code to make C/C++ code accessible from other languages including Perl, Python, Tcl, Ruby, PHP, Java, Ocaml, Lua, C#, Modula-3, R, Octave and Scheme & Lisp variants. Apart from the usual round of bug fixes and minor new features there are a couple of big new features in this release. The main changes are:- Python 3 support added - SWIG now ships with a version of ccache that can be used with SWIG. This enables the files generated by SWIG to be cached so that repeated use of SWIG on unchanged input files speeds up builds quite considerably. - PHP 4 support removed and PHP support improved in general - Improved C# array support - Numerous Allegro CL improvements
  • OpenSIPS: 1.4.4 released- OpenSIPS is an GPL implementation of a multi-functionality SIP Server that targets to deliver a high-level technical solution (performance, security and quality) to be used in professional SIP server platforms. After another month from 1.4.3 release, OpenSIPS improves itself with a new minor release, 1.4.4. Thanks to hard testing and fixing of a several people, new issues (critical and minor) were fixed on the OpenSIPS 1.4 branch. It is highly recommended to upgrade to this release, as it provides important stability improvements - OpenSIPS 1.4.4 is now available for download on project web site and SF download system.
  • RetroCode: ANSI QCELP RI codec patch released- RetroCode(tm) is a universal mobile content converter. RetroCode(tm) is able to read and write most common sample based ringtone formats including meta-data. Formats: SMAF (MA2,MA3,MA5,MA7), RMF, MFM, CMX, QCP, AMR (NB,WB), AAC, MP3, OGG, SWF, RA, WAV Today the codec patch for en/decoding qcelp byte streams has been released. The patch is upgrading the ANSI 733 TIA 50 reference implementation to be reusable and thereby offer a platform independant qcelp codec. You will need to apply this to the reference implementation for successfully building RetroCodes current (CVS) version completely.Download the patch: the original implementation:
  • MC09Edit: Version 0.1-alpha released- MC09Edit is a complete visual editor for the Roland MC-09 Phraselab. It communicates with the synthesizer over a midi connection. Its main feature is the ability of storing and managing your user patterns on your computer. It is cross-platform. This is the first release, all features arent active but the soft is usable.
  • Longstop: Release of 0.08 alpha- Tools to Archive to CD/DVD and retrieve file from archive with archive tracking database backend. Tracks multiple copies of files across media, with options to dump and archive MySQL (Remote and local) databases and subversion repositories. This release is mainly a re-organisation of the UI interface in preparation for the development of a GUI interface.Pre release version of the GUI elements will made to CVS and announced here.
  • OpenAppFactory: First Released Application - Inventory Transaction Viewer- Business applications factory, providing application widgets running on top of ERP and CRM systems. Open App Factory, the provider of business application widgets, releases its first application - Inventory Transaction Viewer. The application runs on top of Openbravo ERP, providing insight into historical inventory levels.


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